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Ukrainian translation agency

The Ukraine has enormous growth potential which makes it an attractive country for entrepreneurs and organisations. The machine industry, agriculture and the iron and steel industry are particularly popular. There is, however, also a great demand for western products and if that isn’t a great business opportunity, what is?

Ukrainian is the official language in the Ukraine and a major language in Europe. Many Ukrainians are bilingual and also speak Russian. English is not that widely used and the level spoken is suitable for simple communication. This shows how important it is to have good translations.

The importance of Ukrainian translations

Of course, you want your message to come across as intended. If your message is incorrectly interpreted, it can damage your company or organisation. The customer no longer trusts you, doesn’t take you seriously and, in the worst case, goes straight to your competitor. That would be a shame, because we have translators in our network who will translate your texts in such a way that they hit the right chord with your target group.

Native translators will set to work on your assignment. All our native translators have been carefully selected and have at least five years’ experience. They are all highly educated, each and everyone of them. So yes, we definitely have the translators you need. For translating your webshop, your marketing texts, your contracts and your instruction manual. Do you want us to take the layout of your files into account? That is also possible. After all, you don’t want to make a blunder by having too much text in too little space.

Ukrainian customs

It’s as clear as a whistle that you will always make your business contacts or clients in the Ukraine very happy with the right translations. What other moves can you make in the Ukrainian business world to become successful?

– Forms (and therefore correct translations), stamps and signatures are very important.
– Typical local souvenirs will always go down well but never give someone an even number of flowers.
– Personal and informal contact is preferred but tread with care when communicating.
– You should even have your business cards translated if you want to build a good business relationship.
– And, last but not least, always confirm your appointment by phone.

Euro-Com Translation Agency for high quality translations (ISO 9001 certified)

If you have put a lot of effort into your source text, you would want the translation to be at least as good. All translations are possible; from contracts and sworn translations to webshops. We don’t shy away from these at all. How do we achieve all this?

√   Always the right native translator to suit your requirements and sector.
√   No less than 3 persons to check your translations to ensure high quality standards (ISO 9001).
√   A smooth process under the guidance of an experienced project manager who is always reachable.
√   10 years’ translating experience and 100 hundred million translated words each year(!)

Do you have certain preferences, do you have a good idea of your target group and do you have a glossary? We would love to hear all about it!

Tip we also translate into Russian!

Invest in your company, invest in Ukrainian translations. Receive a quote within 2 hours!

It is difficult to estimate the costs of your translations in advance. Your investment depends on the number of words, the nature of the text and the language combination. If we can give you a hint; our rates are highly competitive. Find out, within two hours, what your investment will be by requesting a free quote without obligation. Good to know; rush translations are also possible! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information. We look forward to hearing from you!