ISO Certifications
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Euro-Com International got re-certified for the language industry top certifications: ISO 9001, 17100, and 18587!

Euro-Com International is proud to have been re-certified for the ISO 9001:2015, 17100:2015 and ISO 18587:2017 standards! We passed the annual audit early April 2022, which was performed by an external auditor of Quality Masters. It reassures we translate according to the highest language industry standards, and you may rely on our services and expect that we handle your requests in the best manner possible!

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German translation tips
Germany, Translations

Need a German translation? Then take the following into account!

If you want to do business in Germany, it’s very important to have everything you need for your international success translated. Although most Germans speak and read English quite well, they have a strong preference for their own language. In fact, 35% of Germans only visit German websites. And more than half only buy products on websites presented in German. What, however, should you take into account when looking for a German translation agency?

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online training of cursus vertalen tips

7 tips for the perfect translation of your online (training) course

The new normal does not only mean that we keep five feet apart from each other, it also means that we are doing much more digitally than ever before. We now take online (training) courses that we previously took off-line. Is this also the time for you to make your (training) course available abroad? Or do you have employees in the UK who don’t speak English? Here are 7 tips for the perfect translation of your online (training) course.

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Finnish translators about the Finnish language

Need a Finnish translation? There are 9 things about the Finnish language that you didn’t know!

They sometimes say that Dutch, for example, is not an easy language, but Finnish is also quite difficult to tackle. There are an infinite number of complicated grammar rules. The language has 16 (!) cases, long words (as in really long), an abundance of vowels and few consonants. The odds are that you will want to outsource your Finnish translation instead of figuring it out yourself.

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