Manual guide or manual translation - translation agency for the translation of instruction manuals and user instructions
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Having a technical manual translated? Handy checklist!

If you’ve put a lot of energy and love into launching your product, you also want everyone to know how to get the best out of it. You wrote a nice manual — albeit in your own language. Now you want to travel all over the world with your product and have your instruction manual translated. Thanks to this checklist the translation of your instruction manual will be one of the smoothest processes ever.

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Your translation reviewed by DTP specialists; why, when and more

A translation agency does more than merely translate words. Desktop Publishing (DTP) is also an important part of the profession. A DTP specialist ensures that your document (a book, magazine or brochure) can go straight to the printer’s. We’re regularly asked questions about translations in combination with DTP work, so we called on our Senior Project Manager, Bart-Jan van Sluijs, to put him through the mill. What about DTP, when is it needed and how do you calculate the costs?

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