Do you need Swedish translations? In that case it may be useful to know what to look out for when you translate your texts (or have them translated), how to convince your Swedish target group and how to keep any business partners interested.

The Swedish market

More and more international companies are opening their (digital) doors in Sweden. The business community is therefore sincerely something to write home about. Business procedures run smoothly, consumers show sophistication and the workforce is highly qualified. Creativity, new ideas and innovation are central to the Swedish business world. Companies adapt very well when necessary and are good at competing internationally.

The country’s competitiveness and productivity is also reflected in the fact that private consumption and retail sales are growing faster in Sweden than in almost any other European country. Swedish consumers have been spending more and more for over ten years. Retail sales thus account for about 40 percent of the total household expenditure.

Hey, hallå, or just “hello”?

Swedish has only been the country’s official language since 2009. Languages spoken by the minority of the Swedes: Sami, Meänkieli and Finnish. The vast majority of Swedes – 89% to be precise – also speaks a fair bit of English. Although Swedes can definitely find their way in English, it helps to know a number of Swedish words. Swedes value their own language, so it would certainly be smart to have your website and marketing materials translated. However, don’t use too many superlatives such as “we are the best” as the Swedes aren’t very keen on that. Swedes are not fans of exaggeration.

This is how the Swedish consumer behaves

Swedish consumers are concerned about sustainability, reliability and safety. Can those three requirements be ticked off for a product or service? If so, the Swedish consumer knows that the product has passed all kinds of strict quality controls and that it will be good. You can prove this with measurable results and figures. Do you have ISO qualifications and TÜV certificates? They will certainly be of help to you.

Swedes don’t skate on thin ice. In fact, they take plenty of time for research and are mainly interested in the sustainability of the product or service. Are you concerned with that? Make sure to refer to it left, right and centre. Postnord previously investigated the outcome of this consumer survey. A whopping 53% use the worldwide web before making a purchase in-store. Conversely, 13% first go to the store before buying something online.

This is how Swedes prefer to pay

Speaking of this type of expenditure; in Sweden people prefer to pay with a debit card, by invoice or by transferring the money through internet banking. To be precise:
• 39% prefer to pay with a debit card.
• 29% prefer to receive an invoice.
• 26% absolutely love internet banking.

In Sweden you don’t have to go out and about with a pocket full of euros. The currency here is the Swedish krona (SEK). Yes – Sweden is a member of the EU, but would rather not give in to the compulsory euro introduction. Transferring money to and from Swedish bank accounts, however, is free of charge.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Do you have a company that attaches great value to Corporate Social Responsibility? That will make you stand an excellent chance in Sweden. It is one of the world’s leading countries in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Particularly climate change, gender, human rights and the fight against corruption are popular topics.

Invest in the service you provide

It is not only sustainability that determines whether your potential customer will buy from you. It is also about getting value for money, whether the seller knows the ropes and what the after sales service is like once the purchase has taken place. Do you trade in furniture and household appliances? The Swede will mostly be interested in the range, price and transparency of your offer.

The Swedish seller is also doing well online. Very good, in fact. Swedish companies focus entirely on customer experience. It is not “lagom”, but just perfect. This also applies to you. Have your communication translated, work with customer service representatives who are fluent in Swedish and more. And go for translators who really know what they are doing. Oh yeah, good to know: Swedish consumers are loyal to brands and stores, so once you’ve reeled them in…

This is how you convince the Swedish consumer

Let it be clear; communicate in Swedish. Do you need more information about translating your website? Here are the 10 best tips for translating websites. And “best” being the first word you cannot use in Swedish. 😉 Fortunately, there are many native translators who know exactly what you can and cannot say, what the customs are and how to appropriately respond to the culture and needs. Always be honest about your service or product. Trust is gained by being really good at what you do. Not by saying you’re good. Prove how right you are with facts and figures and it’s in the bag. By the way, don’t think that you can simply use your Swedish marketing messages in other Scandinavian countries. The countries are so different to each other that you really need a marketing plan and message for each and every one of them.

Patience is even more virtuous in Sweden than in the Netherlands, for example

Decision-making processes take a lot of time and impulsiveness is not taken seriously. Swedes consider it important that there is unity and harmony. It is therefore best to avoid conflicts. Have you patiently built a business relationship? Then you will have reliable business partners in the Swedes.

Need a Swedish translation agency?

Are you already doing business in Sweden or is this market still completely new to you? We are happy to help you organise your communication. In all possible areas; medical translations, marketing translations for any sector imaginable… whatever you want. As your text will be dealt with by native translators you are assured of the best possible result. Our loyal customer Volvo already discovered this.

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