From annual accounts to reports, from quotations to financial analyses and from merger documents to price lists. Some financial documents are even more important than others. How do you make sure that you can count on a good financial translation? You can read about the 6 determining factors here.

As a financial translation agency, we see many financial documents each and every year. Annual accounts for international organisations in the financial sector, pension proposals, presentations — no financial translation is unknown to us. In all the years that we’ve been translating, we’ve discovered how to achieve the very best end result; an error-free financial translation that suits the reader perfectly. Knowledge we’re happy to share with you!

1. A translator with the right knowledge and experience.

A financial document is very different from a recipe. It is full of technical language and jargon and a small translation error can have major consequences. That’s why it’s important that a financial translation is done properly. And properly means; by a specialist financial translator who understands the text completely, both in the original language (the source document) and the translated language (the target document). Being able to do this means that the translator has good knowledge of the specific terminology — of at least both countries. Among other things, Euro-Com is a financial translation agency that uses native translators who have at least 5 years of experience. This combination of knowledge and expertise ensures the best possible financial translation.

2. The perfect terminology.

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Financial documents contain specific terminology. An interpretation error is easily made without an in-depth knowledge of the financial world. And if we’re talking about your industry or sector here, you know like no other that one wrong term can cost you dearly.

The Euro-Com Translation Agency ensures good, consistent financial translations thanks to the latest techniques, such as a translation memory. If you want, we could put one together for you. It will contain all your previously translated texts and it will only be used for you. Thanks to this database, with your (preferred) terms and corresponding translations, your translated financial documents will be consistent. The translation of the terms will always be the same if that’s what you want. All nice and clear. No need to worry about incorrect sentences or the wrong context. It works like this; the software recognises the word and suggests the saved translation. Ultimately, it’s the translator who decides whether the saved translation of the word also works in this context. Your advantages? In addition to consistent and good translations, it will save time and therefore reduce your costs.

3. Your briefing.

The quality of your financial translation does not depend on the quality of the translation alone — your briefing is also very important. For example, do you have a style guide that describes all your preferences? Or do you have reference material and terminology lists that could be very useful to the translator? By all means provide them as that will help create a translation that perfectly meets your needs. Also refer to your target audience in your briefing so that the translator knows exactly what the level of the translation can be. Too complicated is not good, but neither is too simple. A specific and detailed briefing is key.

Reading tip: A translation memory, what is it and why would you want one?

4. The right language for your target audience.

Chances are that your financial document is full of figures. You may think that it would simplify the translation, but nothing could be further from the truth. An omitted or incorrectly placed comma creates a huge misrepresentation in a financial translation. Sometimes even with serious consequences, such as legal proceedings. The way data is written, however, is different throughout the world. From units to numbers to currencies. So, inform your financial translation agency where your document is going to be used. Do you need English for the United Kingdom or the United States? Spanish for Spain or Latin America? The more information you provide, the better the selection of your financial translator.

5. A good confidentiality agreement (NDA) and security.

Financial records are sensitive documents. They contain confidential information and the last thing you want — besides a translation error — is that it becomes common knowledge. Sharing these documents always involves a potential risk. This makes for a good criterion when selecting the right financial translation agency; how do they handle the documents? After all, it also increases the responsibility of the translator. That’s why our native translators always work with the most recent versions of antivirus software, have up-to-date operating systems and only use software for which they have official licenses. At Euro-Com we work with confidentiality agreements (also known as an NDA or non-disclosure agreement) signed by all our translators. In this way you can be sure that your documents are in good hands and that you are protected against risks, such as your financial translation ending up in the wrong hands.

6. Comprehensive quality control.

We all know it; two pairs of eyes see more than one pair. Consider what three pairs of eyes will see which is the case with our translations. The first pair belongs to the financial translator, the second pair to a reviewer (also referred to as revisor) and the third pair to your project manager. Translating is the work of people and you’d want to avoid errors in the final financial translation at all costs.

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All in all, you could say that it’s important that you choose a translation agency that uses specialist translators who know exactly how to prepare a financial translation. Translating financial documents really isn’t easy, so opt for a translation agency that has the right quality in-house.

Euro-Com is certified as a financial translation agency. We are in possession of the necessary ISO certificates that indicate that you will receive high-quality translations from us. Do you want to know more about what our certifications mean for you? Or would you prefer to receive a tailor-made quote for your financial translations within 2 hours?