Need a Norwegian translator? You’re not alone, because Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world making it an interesting market. Nor are you alone in not knowing exactly what to look for if you want to find a good Norwegian translation agency. And yet it is very important, because you want high-quality Norwegian translations.

What you consider to be good Norwegian translations is, of course, up to you. We can, however, help you find the right Norwegian translation agency by telling you what’s important to consider. In this way you can be sure of translations with an appealing wording, correct grammar and totally tailored to your target group. And even more important; translations of which the content is correct.

Opt for highly qualified, specialised native translators

Translating is a profession in its own right, but unfortunately it is not protected. This means that anyone who can comfortably make themselves understood in Norwegian can claim to be a Norwegian translator. That’s why we would recommend that you, at least, opt for a “native” translator. In other words; a translator who, in this case, learned Norwegian as a child through a natural language acquisition process. Briefly; someone with Norwegian as their mother tongue. A native translator will convert your text from another language into their own language — Norwegian. Native translators know their language like no other. The details, culture, language and customs come naturally to them. At Euro-Com, we only work with native translators. Vendor Manager Grace van Engelenburg explains why being a native translator is a strict requirement: ‘Only a native translator can detect small differences. It’s about details and small nuances that make the difference in a translation. You have to understand the language and the culture in order to give the text the right feel.’

It’s also smart to choose a translator who knows what they’re talking about. Or rather, what you are talking about. A translator can be very good — but if they are not familiar with the medical world, the correct translation of a clinical study is almost impossible. A good Norwegian translation agency will pair you up with that translator who has the right knowledge, an education and background in your sector and experience with the type of text you need. After all, a SEO text is very different from a brochure.

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Verify whether the Norwegian translation agency has some proper checks in place

People make mistakes. But that is not a problem if you work with a translation agency that applies the 4-eyes or even 6-eyes principle. Translations are and remain the work of humans, despite any good translation software available today. A reputable translation agency will offer you a revision round. This means that a second, native translator will revise the translation down to the smallest detail. This will also be a translator who is specialist in the relevant field. Euro-Com works according to the 6-eyes principle; our project managers represent the third pair of eyes to scrutinise the translation. Your personal project manager knows exactly what your wishes are and is keen to meet them. These are good checks to ensure that you receive a translation which meets your and our quality requirements.

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Do you want to localise your text?

Not every translation agency — and certainly not every freelance translator — localises texts. Localisation means that your text is tailored to Norwegians; from euros to the Norwegian krone and from Dutch rusk to Norwegian knackebrød. It also means that the content will suit the reader. Your target group across the Dutch border does not necessarily have the same interests, and certainly not at the same time you do. Besides, enticing a Norwegian is very different from enticing a Dutchman. In terms of text, details and visual support.

Work with a translation agency that uses professional software

If you opt for a reputable translation agency — recognisable by, for example, its ISO certifications such as ISO 17100 and 9001 — it will probably use professional translation software. You may wonder why this is important to you. After all, you don’t have to do the work yourself, right? Correct! It is important, because translation software such as a translation memory has many advantages. A translation memory is created by the translation agency specifically for you and is not used for others. It is a database full of previously translated words. Useful and advantageous for the following reasons:
• Consistent translations.
• Lower investment, because you get a discount on repeated words.
• You will receive your translations quicker.

Good to know; translation software is definitely useful, but is never leading. Good translators use it as a form of support and never just copy repetitions. What’s more, the translation software offers suggestions after which both translators and reviewer(s) check whether the word fits into the context and whether it is correct.

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Another thing to consider; the price for your Norwegian translations. We often hear the following questions: ‘What does a Norwegian translation agency cost?’ and ‘I want to have a text translated into Norwegian, what are the costs?’. For some translation agencies, you click on a button on their website and before you know it the quote for your Norwegian translation is already in your mailbox. Automatically generated. We prefer to provide you with the quote within two hours. Customised, no unexpected costs, no unpleasant surprises and no hidden catches. We do add some advice, as in; is what you want feasible and, in our opinion, the best option? You can read more about the quote of a translation agency, why customisation is important and what you pay for on our blog.

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