In the wonderful world of translation there is no “one size fits all”. If you request a quote for a translation, you’ll always receive a tailor-made quote from Euro-Com. Within 2 hours you’ll have your translation quote on your digital doorstep so that you know exactly — with emphasis on exactly — where you stand.

‘What does a translation agency cost?’ is a frequently asked question. Just like ‘I want to translate a text from English into Dutch, what does it cost?’ With some translation agencies it’s just a matter of pressing a button and opening your mailbox. ‘Pling!’ —- and there it is. You’ve just received an automatically generated quote. Why don’t we do that? And what is the advantage of a tailor-made quote for your translations?

Your tailor-made quote for your translations within 2 hours

At Euro-Com we believe in quality. Quality of our translations, our service and our quotes. It’s simply not possible to say what your translation will cost offhand. That’s why we let our project managers look at your request first. And before you receive your quote for translations, we go through a number of steps:

1. Our project managers assess the file you provide: if the format can be analysed by our software, they will immediately present you with a quote. If it concerns the translation of a PDF, the translation agency will ask for an editable file such as .docx or format files such as .indd or .idml. If you don’t have these we will offer to make the files editable.
2. In consultation, we will discuss additional wishes, such as the delivery time and whether parts of the document have to remain untranslated and we will also check whether your translation needs to be passed on to our DTP specialists.
3. Our software analyses the number of words and checks whether there are many repeated words in the text, because for those you will get a discount.
4. We then present you with a quote, including the expected delivery time.
5. As soon as you approve the quote, we will confirm the exact deadline.

If our project managers have additional questions they will contact you immediately. This process will be more efficient for you than an automatic quote. There are no unexpected costs, you will not be facing any surprises and you will immediately know whether what you want is feasible and, in our opinion, the best option.

Your translation quote explained; this is what you pay for

What we can explain straight away are the price factors. What are you actually paying for? What do we look at when we determine the cost of your translation?

Quote translation agency - quote - costs of a translation

The price factors:
• The number of words you want translated.
• The language combination, because translators who master two non-common languages (such as from Icelandic into Norwegian) are very scarce and therefore more expensive.
• Whether you want to work with a translation memory (this saves costs).
• Is it a translation or localisation?
• Working with specialist native translators — Euro-Com always uses native translators who know everything about your industry or sector and your text type to be translated.

Reading tip: What does a translation at a translation agency cost and what exactly are you paying for?

Comparing prices of translation agencies; don’t just look at the final total

Another reason why your tailor-made translation quote is so detailed is to let you know exactly what you’re getting and for what amount. At Euro-Com you’ll always get a translation:
• By highly trained native translators specialised in your industry or sector and text type.
• That has been viewed by three pairs of eyes for the very best quality (check).
• That has not been translated rashly but meets your requirements, such as a certain tone of voice or your preferred terminology.
• From a translation agency that meets all ISO standards, which means that we organise our work in such a way that we can ensure that you, as a customer, are as satisfied as possible.

So, cheap is not always really cheap. Certainly not if your document is of real value and a bad translation would damage your image and also results in extra costs to have that brochure printed again — this time error-free. And we haven’t even mentioned the investment in a second translator who’ll do the job with the right attention. A waste of your money — so you better get it right the first time around.

Finding out about the costs of translation agencies? Getting a quote for your translation is free of charge!

Would you like to receive a detailed quote for your translation? Within 2 hours you’ll know exactly what it will cost and what you get for your money. Request your free translation quote here and we’ll get to work for you right away.