About Euro-Com International

Why Euro-Com?


Distinguished through customisation

When it comes to customisation, Euro-Com International distinguishes itself from the rest of the market. Your specific demands will always be taken into account when translating your documents.

We work exclusively with translators who have an in-depth knowledge of the culture and customs of the country of your target language. This ensures you that your message will get across.

Our translators are aware of the different ways in which words and sentences could be interpreted in another culture. This guarantees that your international image will not be tarnished in any way.

Strengthened by experience

Our many years of experience guarantee you a refined working method and sound quality. Apart from our collaboration with worldwide partners in the translation industry we also provide services to our direct national and international clientele. Indirectly, we have undertaken assignments for very demanding clients such as Google, Nestlé and Apple. Clients who have very high expectations!


International yet personal

We are an international translation agency and we guarantee a personal approach and great flexibility. Our capable project managers were selected for their solution-oriented way of thinking. They will take the necessary time to discuss your wishes. The result being that the translation will suit you to a tee!


At your service 24/7

As soon as you submit an assignment we will allocate you a personal, experienced project manager who will supervise the translation process from start to finish. The Plunet project management system manages all assignments in a professional manner and provides us with a worldwide insight into all on-going projects. Is your regular project manager unavailable? We have a back-up system in place for project managers to seamlessly take over each other’s accounts. We will also attempt to assign you a project manager in the same time zone, to further increase our flexibility in case you need to contact us.

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