Management Team

Remco Kok, COO

Remco-portret-845x1024Remco Kok has been involved with Euro-Com International from the start and as COO he is responsible for the direction of all project managers, in-house translators and linguists. As a former ISO Certifications auditor he monitors all quality processes. Remco gained a wealth of experience in business through various higher management positions, and is a valuable addition to the management team due to his technical knowledge, extensive insights and problem-solving abilities. Remco lives in Cairo (Egypt). He is married and has three children.



Malon Hamoen-Giraldi, CFO/MD

_MG_4216Shortly after its founding, Malon Hamoen-Giraldi joined and strengthened the ranks of Euro-Com International. Her wide experience in various sectors was very useful in setting up the operational structures within the organisation. Together with Remco Kok she forms the management team and as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director she is responsible for Quality Management, Finance, HR, Sales and ICT. Her entrepreneurial knowledge, her expertise in the financial side of operational management and her ability to motivate and encourage the growth of both the enterprise as well as its employees make Malon the right person for the position of CFO/MD at Euro-Com International. Malon lives in Almere. She is married and has one daughter.

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