Fair business is niet voor softies

Fair business is niet voor softies

Fair business is niet voor softies

The big established order, the economists, the business management school graduates, the lobbyists, the banks and many others have left a sad legacy.
I deliberately say legacy as I hope that we, together, will bury the current form in the coming months, to bid it farewell and to consciously let the traditional ways of thinking become extinct. One can hope, not so?
In its place we will no longer follow any hip millennials (the next established order) that were proclaimed by that same old guard. No, we are finally going to do things entirely differently. Not for the purpose of renewal, but to carry out a major cleanup with rigorous decisiveness. Away with all the junk that clogs up our space and prevents us from breathing in healthy air that will feed and energise us. That keeps our life light and strong.
The softie and fair business; not a good match
My plea for fair business is simple. In order to engage in fair business you must dare to be authentic which means that you refuse to be a copycat. For this you need something that is very important, namely time. Time that can easily be found once you have decided to stop being part of the ‘old way of working’; meaning that you will never have to write an 80-page business plan, for example, from the day that you’ve made this decision. This should save about 3 months. You will also stop paying attention to the competition (I can see that this frightens you, but life will be so much more restful). You will sleep well and wake up rested because you will no longer be led by fear. When adding up the abovementioned you should gain about as much time as a sabbatical year!
If you are thinking: “If that were possible I would feel so much better about my work, about the balance in my life and about myself, but then again…, it surely can’t be that simple?”, I would advise you to jump in at the deep end.

Continuing the current way of working and learning; a slow suicide

You will use the time gained for running, cycling, going outside, listening to music, dancing, practising yoga, going to the theatre by yourself to watch a new cabaret performer, walking, visiting museums, the masseur, painting, travelling, sailing, skating, DIY, swimming or drinking coffee at a lovely sidewalk terrace in the city of your choice.

Stay with me here… I’m about to make a point.

Once you have done all this you would have moved slightly away from the rules, the contracts, the distrust, the suspicion aimed at the competition, the hardship of collaborating with colleagues, the fear of running short, insurances, banks, tricks, exchange rates, incomprehensible news in the media, the reports, reporting, job interviews, CVs, of getting tangled in obligations relating to your company, your staff, your alertness to make sure that you get what you are entitled to, the union, the strike, working hours, working environment, the maintenance of your car, the emails with a secret content, the dismissals and the trips to places you never wanted to go to in the first place or that you don’t really have enough time for because you have to put in an appearance at work again before you know it.

Well. Need I say any more? What appeals to you most? Have we already arrived at my fair business concept? Almost there! As said, in order to be fair you have to be authentic. In order to be authentic, you have to spend time with yourself, get to know yourself. In order to achieve that, I would advise you to stand in front of the mirror twice each day and look deep into your eyes for about 30 seconds. Have you ever taken that good a look at your eyes? (This is where the softie gives up; it is far too confrontational and there is nobody to “save” except oneself). You do this every day, week after week. You will see that you will no longer be able to make excuses for yourself.

To be fair you have to be authentic. To be authentic you have to know who you are.Once you know who you are, you can look in the mirror and be face to face with yourself.

What will change?

  • Your life as a whole will no longer be determined by the fear of running short, but by the knowledge that there is an abundance.
  • You can now deploy your most unique quality; you! So no fear of not coming up to the mark here.
  • You will become much more relaxed in your work, and most definitely so when more people start working on the basis of trust. Trust begins with self-confidence. Self-confidence means that you strongly believe that you can always stand up again and do something different or the same, even if things have turned out slightly differently to what you had hoped for. It means that you will no longer feel lost.
  • There is the possibility of a group of thinkers developing who, together, will make the current situation shake to its foundations. Business is emotion and customers will continue to buy with their hearts rather than their heads. Despite all the “high level” studies it is not possible to define the economy in a formula.
  • There will be no more power play in your customer or supplier relationships, which will result in more transparent business and collaboration becoming the standard.

The economists, politicians and many managers have learned formulas and will spend the rest of their lives adapting reality to these formulas.

  • Looking into the mirror each day for 30 seconds will make you gentle, will make you genuine, will make you fair. These 2×30 seconds (or as many times as you want) will give you the opportunity to check whether you are really doing things the way you want to.
  • There is no need to win discussions although it could be quite interesting if people disagree with you. You have anchored your existence. There is a reason why I’m using anchored instead of foundation. If you want to be fair (and if you want to work), you will become flexible. You will no longer need a fixed place, you will no longer need to be at one particular spot to feel safe. More than that; when you have untangled yourself from the frameworks you will want to move as freely as possible.
  • Your ambition to really make a difference will be purified, as pure as it can be so that it becomes light and immeasurably richer in opportunities! Authenticity will make you successful!

A consequence of the abovementioned will be that other people will find it easier to trust you. You have become more reliable because you’re not that easily influenced anymore; you check the mirror each day to make sure that you still do what you deem to be honest and good. You are the reason that customers want to talk to you, that you work with employees who are drawn to an honest and pure way of working alongside each other. This will have a positive impact on your suppliers as there is no longer a need to join the race to achieve a rock-bottom price. They will want to become loyal to you. Customers will choose you because of your message, your energy, the fire that burns within you. The will of customers, suppliers and employees should make contracts superfluous. Where possible I work without a contract. Equality (the absence of an imbalance in power); you agree to something and that’s that. If you want to change something, you both agree to it. You don’t need a contract for that.
Please contact me if you would like to learn more about how to be fair and to work fair within your role.
As far as I’m concerned, moving along with each other, being pleased for each other when things go well (yes, even the competition), is what should become the new trend for 2017.

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