Rebranding – a fresh start

The rebranding of Euro-Com International is a fact


Euro-Com has been given a makeover in recent months. A nice jacket, I must say, I quite satisfied to watch.

Why a company decides to go into a rebrandingstraject? Is not that a risk? Something old release is for some people difficult, and yet it may be prudent. There many reasons for this. For example, a company has got a completely different target group will carry out the passage of time or other activities.

Why Euro-Com will rebrand?

Halfway through 2014 I was an ‘old’ friend bump. We used to have a lot of work together, and when all kinds of ideas we have designed with great pleasure. He is art director. Because I doubted for a while about how we are recognized as a Euro-Com, I was once presented some doubts to him. A brainstorming session followed with two other creative thinkers. The questions came to mind: “what I wanted and what I wanted to accomplish?” Of course not only this was also about me, because we have two directors. Our brand must stand for what we both represent. That seems a pretty tough job. Still define our identity proved easier than I thought. The identity of Euro-Com creates and grows with who we are, like management, but also with whom we have chosen to come and work in our team.

There had to be an answer to who we are and what we have to add. Then we were going to convert it into a clear picture to the outside world.

All kinds of single words flew through the air during the brainstorming session, but in the weeks that followed, I had a book in my bag that I immediately wrote the words that inspired me and who views what I wanted to convey. Sometimes I was driving on the freeway and I was looking for a quick parking for you to write. Gradually arose from what I knew quite well, with who we are, an idea that was transferable and where a concept was to make.

The logo

The logo was created by the art director and gave back what we do best: create brightness, zoom and review, (almost) everywhere solve, communicate and make nuances. Our name in the logo was put down firmly, because we exist 10 years. Our childhood when company is over, we have grown up.

our identity

At the same time he, together with others put down a concept that served as a starting point for finding the right pictures, thoughts, phrases and design for our brochure, our website and our further appeal. We are specialists word and even more than that: we can play with language and feel what customers (people) want. We are above average flexibility and solution and experience are great fun to work with people, to be a link in the goals that want to reach our customers. We want to have as much as possible immediately understand what the customer needs and indentation there. That is simply our passion. Transmitted by using words in different languages, representing a feeling or idea, such as “listen,” “understand,” “to be understood.” Important for customers and for us. There lies our strength. The combination of knowledge and a good sense of the proper practical use of technology and working with and for people who have personal preferences, there have attention. Knowledge and experience on the one hand. Attention, trust and customized on the other side. Trust is not only based on providing a good translation. Confidence is largely based on a pleasant communication, the customer knows he or she heard and understood. Only together is a perfect service, which is the basis of a partnership for the long term.

That is our identity. And leave with our new logo and concept we see much more about us than before, so that everyone can see. There are translation agencies and even more good offices, but no one is like us. No one is a threat at the time, because we work very happy to work with other agencies to offer our specific added value to them. To inspire and be inspired by them to be.

That does not mean that we have to develop anything. Of course, there is always room for growth and further development of skills and already existing talents principle. New employees are trained and are eager to share our identity. They are themselves a part of it.

This year we have become 10. A whole new phase, where the new jacket fits very nicely with.


February 13, 2015

Malon Hamoen-Giraldi

Managing Director and CFO Euro-Com International BV

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