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We have delivered high-quality translations to national and international clients since our foundation in 2005. Our flexibility, quality, competitive prices and fast responses to their requests are the reasons why our clients enjoy working with us.

Apart from arranging translations for colleague translation agencies we also do a lot of work for our direct customers within various sectors. Amongst these clients are companies from the technical, medical and service provision sector. By now our portfolio contains translations of technical manuals, websites, software, documents of a financial or medical nature and marketing materials. Our clients also regularly ask us to translate their corporate documents, such as letters, reports and contracts. This is reason enough to build up an extensive database of translators with diverse backgrounds.

We work with specialised translators who have excellent writing skills and good language instincts for finding the right tone. Our database now consists of more than 1,500 freelance professional translators. They all have unique knowledge and experience that will suit the right type of project.

For the majority of our projects we work with professional translation tools such as SDL Trados™, SDL Passolo™ and Across. It is possible that our project managers ask you to work with another tool at the client’s request and we will provide instructions for this tool, when needed.

We have a diverse and multicultural team. Short lines of communication with clients and translators, a flexible attitude to work and rapid communication are the characteristics of our company culture. As we communicate mostly via email, telephone and Skype we expect you to be easy to reach via these media.

Application procedure:
Our application procedure is in accordance with the EN 15038 guidelines for translation agencies. You will be selected on the basis of four competencies:

  1. Translation Competency; you need to be able to translate texts into another language in the right way and using the right tone. When doing so you need to pay attention to correct spelling and punctuation.
  2. Linguistic and Textual Competency in the source and target language; the ability to perform research, to gather information and process this information into the translation.
  3. Cultural Competency; when translating a text into a different language you need to be aware of the cultural differences between countries and regions.
  4. Technical Competency; using the correct software or being willing to use it.

Other competencies:

  • You have a project-based approach, you are efficient and have a quick mind
  • You have good communication skills
  • You have a problem-solving way of thinking
  • You work in a meticulous manner and are well-organised
  • You are able to distinguish between urgent and important issues
  • You have developed a high degree of concentration
  • You are immune to stress
  • You know how to use software programmes

Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Translating texts to a target language in which you are fluent (preferably your native tongue)
  • Reviewing the translations of translators and freelancers
  • Performing PDF checks and the linguistic testing of localised software
  • Managing translation or voice-over projects should they occur
  • Delivering quality by the agreed upon deadline
  • Supporting project managers and other colleagues linguistically
  • Managing terminology
  • Working according to our processes and procedures and actively contributing to these

Function demands:

  • You must have completed a translation education, or studied a relevant language and/or you have several years of translation experience in one of the disciplines
  • You, preferably, translate discipline specific texts to your native language or a target language in which you are fluent
  • An excellent control of the English language, orally and in writing
  • Excellent typing skills
  • Experience with the use of MS Office applications, such as Outlook and Excel
  • Experience with various software programmes, including CAT tools

Other services:
In addition to translations we would also like to add interpreters, certified translators and people experienced in localisation to our database.

Do any of the above apply to you? Then do not hesitate to contact us!

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