Test versie

The test of Memsource can be called a success when we find out how to properly work with it. But we will, very soon.

We are currently running the Memsource test.

We are not yet very succesful. But we will be very soon. 🙂

We are currently testing the creation of automated projects using Memsource. However, the projects do not seem to be created. So we will try again. Today at 16:15 the next project should be created, because this page has been updated.

Hope to be succesful soon so we can start implemting this new workflow.

we are now testing more. 🙂

Still more testing olé olé 🙂

New content being added all the time. Just to see if Memsource works correctly and if everything works as it should 🙂

Also testing the TM options now and if pre-translations are handled the way they should be.

Today we are testing if translators and revisors can be added after the project has been created. If a job is sent to PM first, they have to be able to assign a translator and revisor. We just want to see how that works.

Furthermore, we are testing if different pages on a website can be translated to different target languages.

Besides all this, we are now also testing what happens if a translation is uploaded in draft status.

Test for Visual Composer
Test for Visual Composer
Test for Visual Composer
Test for Visual Composer