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Copy – Paste – Save – Repeat

Translating your website content into different languages is time consuming and requires a lot of effort. That’s why many site owners choose to go for online translation tools like Google Translate. Installing a Google Translate plug-in on most website formats is a cheap and simple solution to the problem of language translation… and for many people Google Translate is good enough.

If your company does not feel that “good enough” is in fact good enough, then you are faced with the time consuming activity of removing the text for translation, formatting emails with a translation agency and, once the translation has been returned to you, having to repeat the process in reverse, remembering to place the appropriate text in the correct location on the translated website page.

Euro-Com International have developed a plug-in which simultaneously provides quality translation, with human connections and accountability, and removes the time consuming “copy – paste – save – repeat” loop that can spiral out of control so easily.

The Euro-Communicator plug-in provides a fully secured link between the text you wish to have translated, and Euro-Com International’s dedicated project management team. Once the text has been extracted, translated and reviewed, it will be sent directly to the correct location on the appropriate language version of your website.

Save time and money with Euro-Com Internationals Euro-Communicator.

The Euro-Communicator: A faster and safer method of utilizing quality, industry specific, accountable translation services without the hassle of digging through the pages of your website to extract or replace text.

Euro-Com have partnered with Memsource to develop the Euro-Communicator.


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December 17th, 2016
language, WebApplication, WebDesign

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