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Join forces with Euro-Com International and get a full service package at a very competitive price!

Euro-Com works with various professional translation agencies who demand a supplier of high quality translation services at a very appealing price. In our opinion a collaboration surpasses any individual interest as you can only be successful if you continue to strengthen and support one another. As each client is unique, each collaboration will be custom designed to meet the client’s specific needs and desires. Many leading translation agencies, with worldwide operations, can count themselves among Euro-Com’s clientèle. We offer special rates to translation agencies.

A complete solution

Our main objective is to offer our clients a complete solution in the form of a full service package (translation, review and proofreading). And at a very competitive price. Websites such as list us among the highest ranking companies. We have our own internal proof readers and specialised linguists for translations into Dutch, German, English and French. We also work together with our clients when translations into Scandinavian languages are needed and at an excellent price-quality ratio. We only use translators who are specialists in their fields for reviews in other languages giving you the quality you are looking for.

Various CAT tools

We are experienced users of the most commonly used translation tools. Nevertheless, as we are always open to new developments, we are always willing to use new software. Currently, we work with the following tools:

Translations: Trados (2007 suite, Studio 2009, Studio 2011, Studio 2014), Across (server), Catalyst, Idiom, Passolo, WordFast, Multilizer, XTM, Transit, Translation Workspace
Quality Control: Xbench, Antidote (the latter only for the French language)
Several of our linguists work with other tools, such as MemoQ, Déjà Vu and Swordfish.


Our standard quality control procedures for translations (i.e. ensuring the accuracy of a translation) are:

Translation & Proofreading

Our standard procedure is TEP (‘Translation-Editing-Proofreading’, i.e. translate and then review/proofread).
– Almost all our work is carried out by freelancers who meet the requirements for the project in question.
– When a translation is completed, the files are reviewed by one of our editors. We have our own internal editors for DE/NL & EN language combinations. The proofreaders at our partner office in the US cover the Asian languages and Tagalog. We collaborate with dedicated and specialised proofreaders for IT & ES and other languages and have done this for many years with great success.
– All files are checked for completeness before they are delivered to the client.

We work according to the principle that it need not be necessary for our clients to review the delivered files.

Quality Assurance

All our translations are subject to specific quality checks before they are delivered to the client.
We check for:

– Untranslated segments
– Punctuation errors
– Target equal to source
– Inconsistency in source
– Inconsistency in target
– Mismatched tags
– Mismatched numbers
– Mismatched key terms

In addition to the integrated quality control functions of the CAT software, Euro-Com uses Apsic Xbench and Antidote (for French).

CAT discounts

Euro-Com International offers translation agencies a discount for any internal matches that occur when using a translation memory. Please contact one of our project managers for more information.


Most CAT tools have integrated options for the use of glossaries. We use MultiTerm and other available options. If this glossary option is not available in a CAT tool, we use Apsic Xbench to verify whether the glossaries were indeed used.

Storage (security)

Euro-Com uses a secure server and for those clients who require a high level of security we also use PGP and/or the Across system. Compared to regular protocols, both programmes have more functions to ensure confidentiality.

We are an ambitious translation agency. In respect of sales and workforce we have grown continuously since our foundation in 2005. During the recent crisis our flexibility and solution-orientation proved to be an absolute necessity. Currently, we have offices in Europe and the Middle East. In the years to come we will give our all in becoming the best in Europe and the European language areas. It is our aim to be amongst the top agencies in Europe by 2019.


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