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Long-term cooperation

Should you consider outsourcing all your translations to a translation agency in the long-term you would want some kind of guarantee that your specific demands can be met. We will gladly discuss these demands with you. It will also be our pleasure to compile a style guide and glossary to be used as a guideline for all your translation assignments. A project manager would happily go through the following with you;

  • A style guide for your translations
    Do you want a marketing text to be promotional in nature? Or would you prefer the text to be more formal and business-like? Do you want your manuals to be written in a crystal clear and user-friendly manner? We will gladly compile a style guide ensuring that the text style matches your target audience.
  • A glossary
    Each discipline has its own jargon. Certain terms need to be the same each time they are used. There may be terms that do not need to be translated at all (e.g. product names). It will be our pleasure to compile a standard glossary for you. For verification purposes, this glossary will be consulted during the translation as well as during the quality check.


Sector related guidelines


Medical translations
The translation of medical and pharmaceutical documents must be carried out by translators specialised in that field. This is particularly important since translators need to be aware of the correct terminology and the latest developments. The compilation of texts for the medical and pharmaceutical industry is done according to strict guidelines, which automatically means that the translation of these texts needs to meet those same guidelines. The documents often contain discipline-specific terminology that needs to be translated into another language in a correct and univocal manner. There is no room at all for misinterpretation as it could have major (negative) consequences for the users of medication and medical equipment. Do you require translations of patient questionnaires and texts for medical dossiers? If so, then it is important to know that the translation will be correct.


Our translators have a broad experience in the translation and revision of medical texts. Amongst them are translators who were once active as medical specialists.  

Technical translations
Our technical translators have great experience in translating technical texts over a wide variety of products. They have a good understanding of how to correctly translate jargon into another language. It goes without saying that you need the specifications of your products to be clear in another language as well as having manuals accurately translated and in the right tone. To make your organisation look professional and reliable, the proper terminology is essential.

All our translators are required to sign a confidentiality agreement. This means that, with us, all your confidential documents are in good hands!