High-level software

Although the translation in itself will always require a human factor we do use supportive software to guarantee its consistency and quality. For our professional translations we work with, for instance, SDL Trados™, SDL Passolo™ and Across. Since it is our policy to meet the needs of our clients as best we can, we will also use other programmes such as WordFast and Transit on request. In addition, we are a certified user of the project management system Plunet™. These are considered to be the absolute top systems in the current market. It goes without saying that our software is regularly updated.

SDL Trados™, SDL Passolo™

For many translation projects we use SDL Software which is commonly used in the world of translation. Their programmes include SDL Trados™ and SDL Passolo™. The software was developed to further improve the quality of a translation. By creating a term base/glossary and a translation memory the software can support the translation guaranteeing its quality and consistency. These programmes also offer essential quality checks.


Another popular translation tool we use is Across. This tool allows us to manage translation projects in a secure environment and to build up a memory of previous translations. Across accepts various file formats and allows for their reconversion back to the original format after translation. Across enables a step-by-step project execution, followed by the necessary quality checks before delivery to the client. It offers our translators various tools (the use of dictionaries, conducting of quality checks, building up a translation memory, etc.) which allow for consistent and accurate translations.  Euro-Com International has its own Across Language Server.

Other translation tools

Other programmes we work with include: WordFast, memoQ, Transit, Idiom and Catalyst. Would you like to learn more about these software programmes? Our project managers will gladly share their knowledge with you.


Each translation undergoes an Xbench check as part of our quality protocol. Xbench is a programme developed by Apsic. This will detect any translation inconsistencies as well as spelling and punctuation mistakes. Xbench accepts a multitude of document formats. An Xbench check is essential and the programme is very user-friendly as it reports, within a matter of seconds, those inaccuracies that have escaped the human eye.


Antidote is the most complete and supportive software for editing French texts. The Antidote programme was developed by Druide Informatique, a company in Quebec. The software corrects mistakes in grammar and helps you edit texts for a French-speaking audience. All facets of editing, such as lexicon, grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, style, etc., will be addressed. Antidote is not only very useful when writing (searching for synonyms or antonyms, spell-check, co-occurrence, etc.) but also as a verification tool. Antidote offers solutions for countless types of errors. It enables you to list the correction of the past participles, the adverb ‘tout’, false friends, loan translations, Anglicisms, homonyms, pleonasms, registers, unwanted repeats, capital letters, spaces or apostrophes. Antidote is, without doubt, an essential tool for each French-speaking translator or copywriter.