Translation Process


Step by step

Our project managers are prepared to be of service and to give you exactly what you need. As a client you expect high-quality translations. You want them to be without spelling errors and in your own preferred style. Rest assured! Our step-by-step plan guarantees that your translation assignment is in good hands and that you will be given the right kind of support.

  1. Please inform us of your wishes

What exactly would you like to receive? The bilingual file of the translations, the translated text (be it technical, medical, etc.), the correct type of format? Make sure to always include the desired deadline.

  1. You will receive a customised quotation

We offer translations at a competitive price based on your wishes and the documents you send us. Our project managers will send you a quotation as soon as possible.

  1. The translation

Each translation is custom-made. Our project managers will seek out translators who are familiar with the subject matter and have the necessary work experience. It is our project manager’s job to make sure that the translators receive proper instructions and, if applicable, client-specific style guides and glossaries.

  1. Verification by a second translator

A second translator revises the text and provides feedback on the translation to our project manager where necessary. Before doing so, they perform several quality checks with programmes such as Xbench. If necessary, the first translator is informed on the changes to find out why the text was translated in such a way and to possibly improve the quality of future translations.

  1. Final check by project manager

By inspecting the final result with a critical eye and by carrying out extra quality and spelling checks (for instance with Xbench), our project managers may detect errors that were previously missed. If required, the document will be formatted before delivery (DTP) to see to it that you receive it in the desired file format.

  1. Delivery of the translation
    The translation is delivered to you, our client. Dependent on its size it could be that we need to deliver it via the cloud (using programmes such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.) If you prefer not to use public services we could also deliver via FTP or secured software.
  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey (optional)

You are not pleased with the translation? Please let us know how we can improve on our services. Your opinion is very important to us. It helps us to further improve the business processes and quality management where necessary.

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